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Back Pain

If you have back pain in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, the chiropractic professionals at Rob + Katie Truax are ready to assist you. Whether your back pain is due to injury, poor postures, or disease, you can trust our team to relieve your back pain and prevent it from returning.


Causes of Back Pain

Wondering why your back is sore or in pain? The reasons could be many. Here are some of the known causes of back pain:

  • Spinal stenosis: Aging and disc degeneration can cause your spinal column to narrow down, resulting in lower back pain and tingling in the lower extremities.
  • Injuries: Sports accidents, slips, and falls may damage structures in your back, resulting in pain and limited mobility.
  • Scoliosis: If the abnormal curvature of your spine is severe enough, it may result in back pain, immobility, and other unpleasant symptoms.
  • Poor posture: Sleeping, sitting, and lifting weights in an unnatural position puts pressure on your spine, resulting in pain and soreness.
  • Osteoarthritis (OA): The wearing out of the cartilage cushioning spinal bones results in bones rubbing against each other, leading to pain and stiffness.
  • Osteoporosis: As you grow old, your vertebrae bones lose mass and density, becoming porous, which leads to painful fractures.
  • Sciatica:  Senior citizens, obese, smokers, and pregnant mothers are at risk of sciatica, where the sciatic nerve is irritated by disc herniation and other factors. As a result, you experience pain running from your lower back to your legs and feet.
  • Herniated disc: Aging, injury, and disc degeneration may damage your spinal discs, which results in pain, tingling, and numbness if the disc pinches a nearby nerve.

If you have back pain, don’t rely on pain killers to manage your pain. Pain-relieving medications mask your pain without resolving the root cause of the pain. Instead, book an appointment with a chiropractor for long-lasting solutions.

How Chiropractors Treat Back Pain

If you visit our chiropractor for back pain treatment, we first diagnose the root cause of your pain by scrutinizing your symptoms and medical records. Besides, we carry out physical exams, and where necessary, we may request x-ray images to pinpoint the exact cause of your back pain. After a proper diagnosis, we may use one or combine several treatments to overcome your back pain:

  • Spinal manipulation: This technique aligns your spinal joints to reduce pressure on the pinched spinal nerves.
  • Massage therapy: If you have sore muscles, massage therapy reduces inflammation and pain for a discomfort-free lifestyle.
  • Stretching exercises: We recommend gentle exercises for your back to reduce pain and improve mobility.
  • Lifestyle counseling: We recommend lifestyle changes, such as proper diet, weight reduction, and correct posture to reduce back pain.

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Are you looking for back pain management in Santa Rosa Beach, FL? Please book an appointment with Rob + Katie Truax to experience our natural approach to pain management. Call us at (404) 429-2505 for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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