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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most difficult conditions for traditional medicine to treat. While most hospitals do a good job with treating injuries and infections, it seems that all they can do for chronic pain patients is prescribe medications. We at Rob + Katie Truax in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, know a lot about treating chronic pain.


Functional Medicine for Chronic Pain

Modern medicine does well when it can identify the direct cause of a problem and provide a solution. With most forms of chronic pain, however, there is no single direct cause. Therefore, modern medicine deals only with the nerves that are sending pain signals to the brain by trying to mute them with medications.

A holistic chiropractor can treat the multiple causes of chronic pain. This type of care is known as functional medicine; the focus is on getting your whole body back to its best health.

For example, many people with back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain are suffering because the muscles of their back are misaligned. This may cause the muscles to become inflamed and move out of place, which puts a lot of pressure on the surrounding nerves. The nerves interpret this pressure as pain and send a signal to the brain.

Therefore, a functional medicine doctor may start treatment by working to reduce the pressure on these nerves. This starts with in-office treatments that move muscles back to their normal healthy positions. As they gradually move over a series of appointments, inflammation in the tissues of these muscles’ decreases. That leads to a decrease in pressure, and eventually a reduction in the pain signals that surrounding nerves send to the brain. If you have never undergone chiropractic care before, don't worry. These movements are very small, and they do not hurt the patient; no bones are moved during the appointments. Many patients leave their appointments feeling slightly better. In some cases, the area starts to feel better immediately and stays that way until the next appointment.

As these treatments progress, the chiropractor will next work with the patient to determine the root causes behind why the muscles have moved out of place.  If it was the result of an old injury that never healed properly, then a care plan is developed to promote healing and prevent future injuries.  If the issue is the body is undergoing repeated stress, however, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tech neck, then the care plan may include ways to avoid these stresses in the future.

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