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Functional Wellness

Functional Wellness


A body that is functioning at its optimal level is a body that is symptom free.

Symptoms are signals that let us know that there is an organ, gland, system, or process of the body that is not functioning at its optimal level. The aim of functional wellness is to identify which organs, glands, or systems of the body are not functioning at their optimal level, restore them to full function, and thereby return the body to optimal health, symptom free.

Our functional wellness assessment consists of three parts. The first part is a 200 question computer-based systems survey that you will complete prior to your appointment. During the first appointment, which lasts one hour, Dr. Rob will take a thorough verbal history of past and present health concerns. Following that, we will have you lay, fully clothed and face up, on the exam table for a non-invasive physical exam. The exam utilizes nervous system conduction and reflex points on the surface of the skin that correlate with each organ, gland, and even segment thereof in the body.

The sum of these exams gives us a comprehensive picture of whether your body is stressed by a pathogen, food sensitivity or toxin, and which of your organs, glands, or processes of the body are stressed or under functioning.

Within a week, we will have compiled this information and will connect with you by phone for a 30 minute report of findings, during which we share the results of all three assessment measures, related those to one another, your symptoms, and your history, and communicate a plan for beginning to eliminate stressors on the body, help the body rebuild and repair, and ultimately return you to your best health.

We offer functional wellness for all ages, and is available for clients all over the country and the world.

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