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Katie holds a professional license as a Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida, and has been providing individual, family, and couples counseling since 2007.

Therapy can be highly effective in addressing depression, anxiety, relationship issues, marital difficulties, extended family challenges, and grief/loss. It tends to be focused on either 1) effectively processing and moving through current challenges or 2) healing from unresolved past traumas, tragedies, or losses. Therapy focuses on experiences, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and ways of being in the world, and can also include skills training for more effective management of emotions or relationship issues.

Katie provides therapy at a rate of $125/50 minute session.


Rob holds a professional license as a Chiropractic Physician in the state of Florida, and has been providing chiropractic care to infants, children, and adults since 1996.

Chiropractic care is based on the awareness that all bodily functions are regulated by the brain and the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body through the nervous system. This includes immune functioning, digestion, hormone regulation, reproductive functioning, mood and emotion, and sleep/wake cycles. When we become stressed by either physical, chemical or emotional pressures, our muscles and ligaments shift and tense, causing our vertebrae to shift in turn, impinging on the spinal cord and weakening nervous conduction and communication between the brain and the body. This can also result in pain or nervous distress.

The aim of chiropractic care is to gently restore the vertebrae back to their proper places, and to soothe muscles and ligaments, in order to restore and maintain proper nervous communication between the brain and body, so that patients can enjoy vibrant living free of symptomatology.

The initial chiropractic exam and adjustment is provided at a rate of $95, and subsequent visits are $55 each.


Since graduating with his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in 1998, Rob has received extensive post graduate training and mentorship in functional wellness/ holistic healthcare. The foundational underpinnings of chiropractic care and functional wellness are the same: when we identify the root cause of a symptom or disorder and begin treating it there, the body is able to heal itself from the inside out, and symptoms disappear. Therefore, functional wellness or holistic healthcare is a natural adjunct to chiropractic care.

The first step in functional wellness is to assess the functionality of all of the body’s organs and glands, as well as the hormones and neurotransmitters they produce. The body is looked at as a complex whole, with each organ, gland, hormone and neurotransmitter interacting with and impacting many others in intricate ways. Once the body’s unique profile of functionality has been assessed using a combination of symptom analysis, a non-invasive physical exam, and lab work when necessary, a customized supplement protocol is recommended to support organs and glands in rebuilding and repairing, hormones and neurotransmitters in rebalancing, and symptom relief to occur from the inside out, without the use of drugs or any artificial or synthetic treatments.

The supplementation recommended by a functional wellness doctor is different from supplements sold on a retail shelf, as they are clinical in nature. This means that they have been created to specifically address organ, system, gland, hormone or neurotransmitter imbalance or dysfunction. They are designed to be used under a doctor’s care, and are only sold through highly trained healthcare professionals.

Functional wellness/holistic health care is commonly used to address conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, reproductive challenges, sleep disturbances, menstrual difficulties, menopausal symptoms, diabetes, fatigue, chronic susceptibility to illness, or a range of other issues that may have been untreated or undertreated by other forms of medicine.

The initial holistic health exam and customized clinical supplement protocol is $125, and subsequent visits are $55 each. Supplements range in cost, and are additional.


Very often the root of stubborn symptomatology is an underlying hormone imbalance in the body or neurotransmitter imbalance in the brain. Hormones are the messengers, which facilitate all communication between the organs, systems, and glands of the body. When hormones become imbalanced due to stressors such as chemical stress, emotional or relational stress, financial stress, or physical stress, the results can include difficulties in every area from sleep/wake to hunger/satiety, metabolism, sex drive, reproductive functioning, digestion, and more. Similarly, neurotransmitters are the messengers which facilitate all communication between the areas of the brain, and regulate mood/emotion, drive, and anxiety/calm states.

We have the ability to access powerful lab work that can measure the exact levels of the hormones and neurotransmitters in our client’s bodies, so that we can share a clear picture of what’s going on in the body on a very FOUNDATIONAL level, and how symptoms are coming to exist. What’s even cooler is that this lab work can be done in the comfort of your own home, shipped off to an independent lab for analysis, and we get the results to go over with you within days, and can get you started on a path to recovery faster than you can shake a stick.


After 10 years of practicing as a licensed therapist and counselor, Katie has created an amazing offshoot to her clinical services that we call BEST LIFE COACHING. While Katie views therapy and counseling to be mostly past and present focused, coaching is often more present and future focused.

Specifically, BEST LIFE COACHING takes a dynamic look at where you are now, what your BEST LIFE would look like, and how to get you from Point A to Point B. Coaching interventions are active, challenging, and inspiring, designed to wake up your mind, shake up your life, and get you to stop WASTING time living a life that is anything less that FREAKING AWESOME. . . And we’re talking the kind of life that makes you want to bound out of bed in the morning and shout YEE HAW! (Or some variation thereof. . .)

Katie brings her education, awareness, and experience of human behavior to underpin her work as a dynamic, and connected coach, and that sets her apart from other life coaches who have not had the same degree of clinical training. In addition, Katie has a fairly comprehensive understanding of the body, and the relationship between physical needs and mental, emotional, or energetic struggles, and looks at her clients as a whole person. Maybe most importantly, Katie really has fun with her coaching work, and her clients FEEL that- whether they’re laughing, crying or yelling, they know they’re engaged, and THAT is where the magic happens!


Katie and Rob believe wholeheartedly that most people struggling with their diet, weight, or even emotion and energy don’t know HOW and WHAT to eat, and don’t have the support, education, and accountability they need in order to implement changes in their diets and lifestyles.

Healthy eating is the foundation of all other health- mental, physical, and spiritual. We cannot be at our best in any of these areas if we are not nurturing and nourishing our bodies with vibrant, nutrient dense foods. . . OR if we are stuffing them with toxic CRAP.

We wouldn’t expect our cars to be able to glide through space after we dump a bunch of antifreeze in the gas tank and lighter fluid in the oil reservoir, right? So why is it because so many people fuel themselves with sugar, simple carbohydrates, energy drinks, snack foods, fast foods, refined foods, processed foods, etc, and then wonder why they are overweight, lethargic, sick, moody, sleepless, etc. . . ? Hmmmm. . .

One of the things Rob and Katie love most is to educate clients about the impact of food on their bodies, how to bring in the nutrients that have been missing, how to plan YUMMY, VIBRANT meals that are quick and easy to whip up and fit within their lifestyles, and then to sit back and watch as they literally LIGHT UP from the inside out! Whoa! And then the weight drops off, the sense of peace, joy and contentment comes, and WOW.

Healthy Eating Consultation can take many forms and may include food journaling, pantry evaluations, grocery store tours, cooking classes, recipe guidance, or meal planning. It can vary from a one time event, to ongoing supportive coaching, based on the client’s needs and desires.


Katie is trained as a Registered Yoga Teacher, and teaches Vinyasa yoga, BUTI yoga, and Hot BUTI.

If you aren't yet familiar with it, BUTI yoga is a soulful blend of traditional Kundalini yoga, plyometrics, and tribal dance. BUTI is an Indian Marathi word which means "a cure found hidden from within." It is designed to move the body in such a way that ignites all the chakras, helps us tap into our innate wisdom and power, bond with a tribe, release mental, physical and energetic blockages, and learn to love ourselves fiercely, all while getting an amazing workout and toning the body. BUTI is fun, it is exhausting, it is exhilarating, and it is empowering. 

Katie has been practicing yoga for 14 years now, and started her journey with BUTI about a year ago. She became certified to teach, as only the second certified teacher in Northwest Florida, in May 2017. She currently teaches Backyard BUTI Tribe on her patio, where she combines BUTI yoga with soulful sharing as a tribe, as well as out of Grand Fitness Studios. BUTI is incorporated into all of the retreats that Rob and Katie host.


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