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As service providers and healing professionals, we have been working with clients and patients in person for many years. We opened our first integrative wellness center, Rob + Katie Truax, together in 2011, in Atlanta, GA. Prior to that, Rob had a solo practice and Katie worked for a non-profit family counseling center. TRU was a collaborative endeavor born out of many late night conversations about the powerful work we each were providing for our clients and patients. . . as well as the limitations of our solo work.

We understood pretty clearly that people were complex beings, unions of mind, body, and spirit. We saw how powerfully the mind and emotion could affect physical health, as well as how mental and emotional symptoms often had their root causes in physical imbalances, rather than unhelpful thought patterns or challenging circumstances. So therefore we knew that each of us could only at best provide incomplete healing for clients on our own, but that TOGETHER. . . wow. We could change lives.

We’ve shared many patients since then, and have helped countless people gain new understanding of their bodies and their minds, create comprehensive and effective plans for healing on all levels, and begin to thrive, moving toward living their best lives.

In December of 2015, we left Atlanta to move our family to the Gulf Coast of Florida, and live our best lives. The following October, 2016, we sold Rob + Katie Truax to a new owner. Earlier that year, in May 2016, we opened a tiny office here along the Gulf, only 2 blocks from the beach. Our practice here is mostly word of mouth, appealing to locals who like to come get adjusted or seen for functional wellness/holistic health care by the “flip flop doc” as Rob is sometimes called, or come to therapy/counseling in a private, discrete setting.

If you’re a local, feel free to read more about the services we provide in person here..


In 2013, we added online and telephone services to the repertoire of ways we were able to help our clients. This allows us to work effectively with folks all over the world, at times that work with their schedules.

Not only do we provide functional wellness and holistic healthcare, as well as health coaching, healthy eating consultation, and BEST LIFE coaching one on one to our global clients, we have also created a really amazing 8 week bootcamp that we call GET SUPERHUMAN, through which our clients get to work with BOTH of us in a GROUP setting to fast track their progress- mind, body and spirit.

If you are interested in learning more about our services for folks all over the country and the world, click here.

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