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Chiropractor Provides Functional Wellness in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

At Rob + Katie Truax, your chiropractic care clinic in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, we are dedicated to providing complete physical health and mental health wellness care that is tailored to the mind, body, and spirit.

Our ability to deliver holistic services that address the unique needs of each individual is one of our talents that we are very proud of. We want to help you and your family on your journey to achieve the best quality of health possible.

Katie is a licensed mental health counselor and Dr. Rob is a licensed chiropractor. Together with our team of diverse professionals, we deliver results-oriented, high-quality care to our patients. We offer a wide range of services, including chiropractic care, mental health counseling, and functional medicine. 

Services Rendered at Rob + Katie Truax

We take a holistic approach to healing. With fundamental medicine and wellness, we do not just treat your symptoms. We find solutions by treating the underlying cause of the symptoms to restore you back to optimal health.

Other services include:

  • Chiropractic Care: The gentle adjustment of joints to get them back into their proper position and the core of what we practice.
  • Clinical Supplementation: Dr. Rob offers specific dietary and nutritional recommendations tailored to help in achieving your optimal health and fitness.
  • Massage Therapy: A natural way of treating musculoskeletal pain, structural challenges, and promoting relaxation. Our massage therapists provide relaxation using therapeutic massage based on the needs of our patients. Couples massage therapy is also available.
  • Therapy and Counseling: This service is provided for individuals, couples, and families with a variety of mental, emotional, and relationship concerns. Our clinical therapist will schedule at your convenience and will be supportive and compassionate to your needs.
  • Life Coaching and Hypnosis: Powerful tools for helping patients meet their mental, emotional, or physical health goals. It can also help break any addiction patterns. This service can stand alone or be an addition to deepening the effectiveness of other treatment options.
  • Addiction Services: Addiction counseling and intervention services are provided for patients struggling with substance abuse, process, or behavioral addictions. Family support throughout this process is also provided.
  • Telehealth: This service has been added to help cope with the current medical crisis of the nation. We can provide health care services, information, therapy counseling, functional medicine and wellness, energy healing, and more.

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Contact our office in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, to schedule your appointment with Rob + Katie Truax. Call us at 404-429-2505. Our hours of operation are by appointment. We want to help you achieve a better, healthier quality of life both mentally as well as physically.

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