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Utilizing Technology for Mental Health: Telehealth with Rob and Katie

Nobody knows your body better than you do.  You might not understand the medical words to describe your condition, but you don’t need WebMD to know that the pain you feel when you wake up is a new phenomenon.   Whether you're suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, or knee dysfunction, understanding functional wellness is an excellent starting point for reducing those annoying aches and debilitating pains.  Here in Santa Rosa Beach, we offer a chiropractor clinic featuring therapy and functional wellness in the form of Telehealth, to help you chart your way back to a pain free existence.


Therapy in a Busy World

Are you suffering from the ravages of pain?  Whether neck pain, back pain, or just regular pain, we do not believe that you should suffer from a lack of access to a chiropractor that you can trust.  While our skills are available in Santa Rosa Beach, the stresses of life extend far beyond our picturesque beach community.

For those suffering, we are now offering a telehealth wellness program that seeks to bridge that physical gap.  A big part of therapy is the simple communication of our daily stress and problems that are the root causes of much of your daily physical pain.  This new healing approach, telehealth, offers a non-threatening and un-obtrusive path to physical health without the constraints of your scheduling issues and far distances you might need to travel.

Regardless of where you call home, our telehealth program is designed to connect you to a resource that can help you live day-to-day without pain or discomfort.  Do you think that a new path to health is your best recourse?  If so, we want to talk to you and begin a tailored plan that aims to help you rediscover living without having pain as a daily occurrence.

Let Rob and Katie Truax Help with Telehealth

Based in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Rob and Katie Truax operate a thriving chiropractic and therapy clinic that focuses on the establishment of functional wellness, relieving pain, treating neck pain, back pain, and devising a course that allows you to lead the best possible life you can in Florida and beyond.  With busy lives and tight schedules, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to carve out the time you need to develop those healthy life hacks that make our lives livable.  With the advent of telehealth, however, you now have a new way to keep your healthy edge sharp while participating from the comfort of your home.

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