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We value our patients' experience at Rob + Katie Truax. Below are testimonials from our patients for your review!

Dr. Robert and Katie Truax

  • I have been suffering with a rash on the back of my neck for MONTHS. I found temporary cures via apple cider vinegar and regular white vinegar, but it always came back after a little while. I tried straight up alcohol swabs - made no difference. I was literally BURNING my skin trying to free my self of the itch and embarrassment on the back of my neck. I asked the Truaxes for help in a last ditch effort for some relief and they told me todilute some Doterra Clove Oil with some organic coconut oil and

    Show More - - B. C., Shalimar, FL​​
  • September of 2019 I found myself to be in a really hard dark place. I satin a Walmart parking lot talking with a friend. She pointed me towards Dr. Rob Truax. I was finally at a place where something had to give. My anxiety, lack of sleep, heart palpitations and stress level had hit an all time high. I was surviving through my days but I wasn't living life. So I contacted Dr. Rob and made a consult appointment. I sat on my porch during our initial phone call and thought- "I doubt this is going to make

    Show More - - N. L.,Akron, OH​​
  • If you need healing look no more. They are awesome and from my own experience I’ve suffered 14 years and in 2 months I see the light. God is so good. No matter where you live, I’m sure they will help you!! 

    - D. U. -Crestview, FL​​
  • Katie Truax, the more I pray and give Jesus all the bad, the more convinced I am that He is healing me through your husband's help. I will not believe anything but true healing from here on out. It’s been literally hell for over a decade and it’s my time now. Hormones can truly mess with how u feel. I was losing hope in who I was. But now I’m coming back slowly and for that I am grateful. So thank u and your husband. ❤️”

    Show More - U.N.,Freeport, FL​​
  • ""My 5-year-old just packed his bag for Grandma's house, and I heard glass clanking. . . 'Well I had to pack my oils for bedtime Mommy because it just helps me sleep better.' 💛💛💛 OnGuard on the feet, calmer on the wrists, breathe on the chest when they're stuffy. He loves it, always takes a deep breath and says it "smells soooo good"

    Show More - B.S., Shalimar, FL​​
  • Working with Katie to craft my best life has been invigorating, amazing and life changing. She works with me in a nurturing yet strongly accountable manner. As a person who has learned to settle into what others think should be my path, Katie is strategically helping me discover ways to HEAR MY OWN SMALL STILL VOICE and follow the path of MY heart. In other words, she ROCKS at helping move me from good enough to a life that I am excited to wake up and live.

    Show More - MN, College Park, GA
  • They say people come into your life for a reason and I totally agree. After 13 years I made the decision to leave the corporate world behind and set out on a new journey as my own boss! It was liberating and overwhelming to say the least. I quickly found myself running in circles wondering how why I thought working for myself would allow more flexibility and free time to do the things I love. This is where it get good…I met Katie through a networking group and after complaining to her lon

    Show More - DI, Blue Mountain Beach, FL
  • Katie has a great way of helping you see a clear vision of what you want and reverse engineering it into easy daily steps. You tell her your story and she can intuitively see the blocks that you can't see yourself and helps steer you in the direction that will lead to results. I feel and know that she really loves to help and wants to see her clients succeed, and empowers them to do so!

    Show More - MD, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • Everybody needs a Katie.

    - LM, Decatur, GA

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